Carom 3 Cushion (Billiard)

Carom 3 Cushion (Billiard)

Carom 3 Cushion (Billiard)

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An Introduction to 3-Cushion Billiards

Efren Reyes vs. Torbjorn Blomdahl Rematch: 3-Cushion (DVD promo)

Frederic Caudron vs Tayfun Tasdemir - Semi-Final - 3 Cushion Billiards World Cup 2015

New Game "Carom Master" is released!
Far advanced UI and graphic, Mission stages(100).
Please use far advanced "Carom Master".
This version is whole update for existing customers to taste new features in "Carom Master".

New mobile billiard application which can present almost all shots existing in reality, except for the jump shots.
Man to Man, Man to machine(different level) match.
Full range preview function including kisses.
Very simple spin and power control including masse angle.
Best shot recording and keeping.
Basic routes and some trick shots are embeded.

Refer to the vedio in YouTube to taste.

freezing or dead bug blocked.
in case the bug occurs, please send e-mail to with detail explanation!!!
freezing or dead bug fix 2nd.
if you don't have above errors, update is not needed.
Galaxy S2 power,masse bar freezing bug fix.